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Tracking Rulon Gardner’s Weight Loss on The Biggest Loser (With Pictures)

In 2000, Rulon Gardner was on top of the world. He won a gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling at the Olympic games in Sydney, Australia. In 2004, he returned to the Olympic Games, this time taking home the Bronze. Now, Gardner is a contestant on NBC’s reality show, “The Biggest Loser,” trying to shed the 200+ pounds he’s gained since his days as an Olympic athlete.

During the first episode of  the latest season of “The Biggest Loser,” Gardner says he weighed 286lbs while competing in the 2000 Olympics. In 2004, the Olympics adjusted the weight class, and he weighed in at a lean 265 lbs.

We will be tracking Rulon’s weigh loss, week by week with images, throughout the season of The Biggest Loser.

Initial Weight – 474 lbs.


Rulon and his teammate Justin won the challenge in Week 1 by being the first team to run 5 Km on a treadmill. Their reward was getting first choice of trainers. Either the proven team of Bob and Jillian, or choose to work with the new unknown trainers and with it, get 4 weeks of Biggest Loser immunity. Rulon and Justin chose the unknown trainers and 4 weeks of immunity.

Week 1 – 442 lbs. (-32)

Week 2 – 425 lbs (-17)

Total weight loss: 49 lbs.


Week 3 – 415 lbs (-10)

Total weight loss: 59 lbs. This week the unknown trainers were revealed as Brett Hoebel and Cara Catronova. Rulon and the group working with the new trainers once again had immunity.

Rulon Gardner


NOTE: Week 4 was a shorter episode with no weigh-in shown during the episode. It appears as though they did weigh-in off camera because in Week 5, Rulon’s beginning weight is listed as 411 lbs, meaning he was down 4 lbs since the Week 3 weigh-in.

Week 5 – 394 lbs (-17)

Total weight loss: 80 lbs.

Rulon Gardner

Week 6 – 382 lbs (-12)

Total weight loss: 92 lbs.

Rulon Gardner

Week 7 – 371 lbs (-11)

Total Weight Loss: 103 lbs.

Rulon Gardner

Week 8 – 367 lbs (-4)

Total weight loss: 107 lbs.

Rulon Gardner

Week 9 – 350 lbs (-17)

Total weight loss: 124 lbs. After a disappointing 4 pound loss in the previous weigh-in, Rulon “killed it” this week by dropping 17 lbs. The contestants had been at home for a two week layover and left to work out on their own.

Rulon Gardner

Week 10 – 342 lbs (-8)

Total weight loss: 136 lbs.

Rulon Gardner

Week 11 – 335 lbs. (-7)

Total Weight Loss: 143 lbs.

Rulon Gardner

Week 12 – 330 lbs. (-5)

Total Weight Loss: 148 lbs.

Rulon Gardner

Week #13 – 325 lbs. (-5)

Total Weight Loss: 153 lbs.

This is also the week that Rulon was called out by Jillian for not following proper diet. He was shown on hidden camera eating a bag of chips.

Rulon Gardner

Week #14 – 318 lbs. (-7)

Total Weight Loss: 160 lbs.

Rulon Gardner

Week #15 – 311 lbs. (-7)

Total Weight Loss: 163 lbs.

Rulon Gardner

Week #16 – 301 lbs. (-10)

Total Weight Loss: 173 lbs.

Rulon Gardner

Week #17 – Rulon dropped a bit of a bombshell when he announced he would be leaving the show for personal  reasons. During his time on The Biggest Loser, he lost 173 pounds.

Follow Rulon Gardner’s quest to be the next Biggest Loser Tuesday’s at 8PM on NBC. Currently, you can also catch every episode of this season of The Biggest Loser on New episodes are typically available on Hulu the day after they air.

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