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NFL Super Bowl Commercial Featuring Classic TV Shows

One of the cooler commercials during Super Bowl VLV was one by the NFL itself. Characters from classic TV shows, and some current ones, are depicted wearing NFL attire. Some are wearing geographically specific team attire, like Sopranos crew wearing Jets outfits, Happy Days gang with Packers gear, and Norm from Cheers sporting a Patriots jersey. There is one “mistake” that I noticed. Alf is sporting a Panthers jersey even though the shows went off the air in 1990 and the Panthers didn’t exist until 1995. Update: @ericsbeard reminded me via Twitter that ALF loved cats, thus the Panthers jersey. Nice call, but there is still the timeline issue. Although, I’m probably way over-analyzing it. Awesome commercial nontheless.

There is also the problem with portraying the Office as Steelers fans, but I’ll overlook that one since (I assume) one of the core ideas was to get as many Steelers / Packers fans in the commercial as possible.

It looks like every NFL team is represented. If you can’t find your favorite, freeze frame the Simpsons scene. A lot of teams are represented in that shot.

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