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Listen to the Dan Patrick Show for Free on your Android Phone

Ever wish you could listen to Dan Patrick, or other Sports Talk shows on your Android phone? Unfortunately there is no Android app at this moment, but here’s how you can still listen to the show for free with the TuneIn Radio App for Android.


TuneIn is an excellent free app for sports talk radio fans. It’s not just for sports, but it is a great app to have for any fan of sports radio. They have loads of live streams from sports radio stations from all over the country.

The Dan Patrick show airs every weekday from 9am-12pm ET. To find the Dan Patrick Show, open TuneIn, select Sports, and then select Sports Talk. (Note: You can also type “Dan Patrick” into the search box. )

Dan Patrick Show on Android  Dan Patrick Show on Android

Scroll all the way down to find the “Explore Sports Talk” section and select Fox Sports Radio. Now scroll through the options and choose one of the radio stations broadcasting Dan Patrick.

Dan Patrick Show on Android Dan Patrick Show on Android

Once you find a station you like, select “Add to Preset” so you can find it quicker and easier the next time you’d like to listen.

Dan Patrick Show on Android

If you miss the show, you can find previous days programs listed under “Recent Shows.”

Dan Patrick Show on Android


We’re big fans of the TuneIn Radio App. You can enjoy your favorite sports talk show (or any available radio station for that matter) anywhere you’ve got coverage with your Android device. It not flawless, however. We sometimes find that audio streams will frequently be “buffering” and thus the audio will cut in and out, which can be frustrating.

There is also Dan Patrick App for the iPhone and iPad, which we’ve previously covered. You can download that app here.

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