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Pittsburgh Steelers DE Brett Keisel’s Awesome Playoff Beard

Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive End Brett Keisel has been growing his beard since last June and it has grown into something of a monster. A wild, out-of-control-but-awesome monster.

Keisel has no plans on shaving while the Steelers are still in the playoffs. “I’m going to ride it out until the end.”

It’s taken on a life of it’s own. It’s got it’s own Facebook page and an entry on Keisel’s Wikipedia page.


Brett Keisel’s entry on Wikipedia says that he is the only NFL player to have sacked a quarterback using only his beard. (UPDATE: Sadly, this line has now been removed from his page. )



Yes, Keisel’s beard has it’s own Facebook page that currently boasts 10,000+ fans.



Here’s Keisel talking about the beard:

Brett Keisel (and his beard) wishing Happy Holidays to the American troops.

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