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The Official Green Bay Packers App for iPhone & iPad

Are you a Green Bay Packers Fan with an iPhone or iPad? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out the Official Green Bay Packers App. Best of all, it’s free!

You’ll get the latest news, stats, injury updates, schedule and standings. There is a soundboard that is apparently “coming soon.”

The schedule gives you the upcoming games as well as scores of past games, and you’ll be up to date with all the latest packer news from their official website. You can also search for stories or videos.

You’ll also get videos (not live) of press conferences, interviews, and more.

This screen shot below isn’t the best, but the video quality is actually quite nice.


One drawback is that the constant updates can make it load slowly. (You can turn off updates in the settings, but then you don’t get the latest news, so what’s the point. Other than that it’s a quality app.

Download the Official Green Bay Packers App for iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad here on iTunes.

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