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Follow the Australian Open on Your Android Phone with Sports Eye Tennis Special

The Australian open will be the focus of the Tennis world for the next several weeks. Follow all the action from your Android device, including Live scores, schedule, news, opinion, player updates, and more with the Sports Eye Tennis Special App. There is a “lite” version that is free and contains ads. The ad-free version will cost you $1.49 US.

After you install the app, the first thing you’ll need to do is configure the Settings.

You’ll need to set the news sources and if desired, blogs, players, and Twitter accounts to follow.

Scrolling through to icons at the top of the screen to choose what you want displayed on the screen, such as news, Twitter updates…

… Scores, Schedules, blogs posts, and more.


Sports Eye Tennis Special is a great way to follow all the Australian Open action on your Android phone. There are no video or audio features, but for an unofficial free app, that’s to be expected. One thing we’d like to see added would be the ability to change the schedule to local time. As it is, you have to calculate in your head exactly when the matches take place in your time zone.

You can install Sports Eye Tennis by scanning the QR codes below or searching the Android Market.

Sports Eye Tennis Special Lite (Free)

Sports Eye Tennis Special (Commercial)

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