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Tecmo Bowl Replay of Marshawn Lynch’s Amazing Wild Card TD Run

When I watch Marshawn Lynch launch Tracy Porter with a stiff arm during his stunning 67 yard touchdown run against the Saints, my first thought was, wow, that looked like something out of Tecmo Bowl. For the uninitiated, Tecmo Super Bowl was the mother of all football games back in the days of the Nintendo NES.

MrNFL on YouTube has somehow managed recreated many great NFL plays in Tecmo Super Bowl. Previously, we showed you DeSean Jackson’s game winning punt return, and he’s also done Jacksonville’s Hail Mary TD to beat the Texans, and Houshmanzadeh’s game winning TD over the Steelers.

Now, he brings us Lynch’s very Tecmo-esque touchdown against New Orleans.

If you want to see it again, check out the original Marshawn Lynch 67 yard touchdown run. If this clip makes you long for the days when you dominated the Tecmo gridiron, well, you can re-live your glory days by playing Tecmo Bowl free online.

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