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Hilarious Planet Fitness Commercial: I Lift Things Up and Put Them Down

This new Planet Fitness commercial is laugh out loud funny. “I lift things up and put them down.”

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  • When I first glimpsed this ad, I fell out laughing… Reminds me of some of the steroid-popping grizzle-heads at my gym!

  • I thought it was just me….This commercial is HILARIOUS!!! I would love to know who the gentleman is…

    • The muscle-bound dude in the ad is Silvio Kersten, aka former gay porn star, “Chris Wide”.
      A quick Google search will show you why he repeats the line, “I pick things up and put them down”.

      • Correction: “I *lift* things up, and put them down”.

        • JP

          A quick google search did NOT give me the answer to his repetitious line of, “I lift things up and put them down”.

  • This commercial cracks me up!! Especially the guy face from Planet Fitness.

  • I love the commercial, but for some reason, my mom thinks it is stupid and doesn’t belong on tv.

  • great stuff love that commercial if i still owned my gym . he would be welcomed anytime!!! he is jacked !!

  • i love this commercial…the gentleman is perfect for it… :o)

  • What does he say at the end of the commercial????? Sounds like COR – what is this?

  • Ben

    Planet fitness is a discriminatory environment. This commercial implies descriminating against mentally impaired athletes. Imagine the special olympics competitors exercising there, and being shown the door. Other gyms are bad enough with women only gyms. Men don’t ask for men only gyms, because even an occasional distraction is tolerated because men like women. Wow, there’s a shock. I worked out at a gym that lectured some fat guy about trying to pick up this hot girl there. I remember, she looked like a brunette Nikki Cox (a good 35, only a little sun damage but still very hot). I figure, she can always say yes or no, no need to get on his case at the sight of him talking to her. (he was polite and the girl didnt show objection).

    Planet fitness takes it to a degree that will eventually get them sued for discrimination and public humiliation.

    • ChristianShaffer

      What happened to the days when someone could make a joke without everyone being offended? Not once while I was watching that did I think they were making fun of mentally impaired athletes, or mentally impaired people in general. Get over yourself. It’s a joke and should be taken as such. And don’t try to tell me that I just don’t care about mentally impaired people or something like that. No one on here has any idea what i’ve dealt with in my life and the same can be said for anyone else. It’s a damn shame I anticipate a comment like that.

  • Anonymous

    This reminded me of the employee of the Plumbing Co. who when asked why he did not fill the exposed heating water pipes with glycol, says, ” I only do what I’m told by the boss.” As expected the pipes cracked in winter and he was sent again to fix the problem. This time, he did not restart the boiler. “I only lift things up and put them down.”

  • Kurtsivak316

    I think its funny when some people are sitting around pointing out people that my be heavey and makeing fun of them .But when other people talke about some people that live at the gym they hve comments like you people have.Like mentally impaired athletes well I did not think that at all and I am sure a whole lot of other people didnt take it that way eather.So I will end it like this go take some more roids and grow up your the kind of person that makes us normal people think you people are all the same so shoot some more posion in your arm and pick something up and put it down..

  • Freddie