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Fantasy Football Geek? Try a Mock Draft on Your iPad (or iPhone)

Got an iPad? Love Fantasy Football? Are you using it to prepare for your draft? As we wrote about earlier, mock drafts online are a great way to prepare for your fantasy football draft. The folks over at show us that you can use your iPad to do your mock draft on their site.

If you can be sure if I had an iPad I’d not only be using it for mock drafts, managing my live draft notes, cheat sheets, etc. According to the post, it takes a bit of getting use to the touch controls, but once you get it down, it’s pretty slick.

You can read more about mock drafts on your iPad over at

Update: This also works on your iPhone / iPod Touch, although it’s understandably a little cumbersome. It requires a lot of scrolling around, and due to the screen size, it’s tough to follow what’s going on with the draft while you are looking for your next pick. It be done though.

When you maximize the screen, you can really touch to select players, or scroll through the lists.

You really need to magnify the screen to make selections.

…and scroll around to pick your player…

…and back to the larger view to see how the draft is progressing.

The bottom line is it work with an iPhone, although it wouldn’t be my first choice.

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