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Play NFL Two Minute Super Bowl Trivia Game

Think you know your Super Bowl Trivia? If so, you can challenge yourself by playing 2 Minute Trivia Super Bowl Edition at

You gain yardage by correctly answering questions before the “play clock” expires.  You can choose the difficulty of your questions and you’ll gain more yardage by answering harder questions.

The idea is to gain enough yardage to score as many TDs and points as possible in 2 minutes.

If you get a question wrong, you’ll lose yardage, but you can use a challenge flag to make a second guess at an answer and redeem yourself.

The game itself is pretty fun if you are a trivia fan. If you play more than a few times you may start to see questions repeated.

When you are finished, you get a rank based on how well you performed. You can copy and paste html code on your site or blog to show your results. My score got me the rank of 2nd year captain, whatever that means…

Rank: Second-Year Captain
Points: 34
Yards: 449
Think you can do better? Test your football knowledge with NFL 2-Minute Trivia.

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