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Two Hilarious Oregon Duck SportsCenter Commercials

One of the many stars of the great SportsCenter commercials over the years has been the Oregon Duck mascot. With Oregon about to be at the center of the sports world when it plays for the BCS National Championship, we’ve pulled together two of our favorite ESPN SportsCenter Commercials featuring the Oregon mascot.

The Oregon Duck mascot is stuck at his desk at ESPN on a nice day while his feloow ducks are living it up at the pond outside his window.

Lee Corso, wearing the Oregon Duck mascot head walks awkwardly past the Oregon Duck mascot who is sporting an oversized Lee Corso head.

The Oregon Ducks (along with their mascot) meet the Auburn Tigers in the 2011 BCS National Championship on Monday January 10. If you are a Oregon fan, check out our collection of Oregon Football desktop wallpapers and Oregon iPhone wallpapers.

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