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What Some Top Sports Stars Look Like with Troy Polamalu’s Hair

You’ve likely seen the Head and Shoulders Ads starring Troy Polamalu and his long hair. Well, as part of the promotion, Head & Shoulders has set up a website called You can play games and even upload a photo to see what you’d look like with Troy’s hair. They call it the Polamalamizer. We just had to give it a try. This is what some of the most popular athletes (and one politician with some hoop skills) would look like with Troy’s hair.

The Polamalamizer doesn’t exactly produce high quality blended images you might find from an expert in Photoshop, but it’s quick and easy and anyone can do it.

Tom Brady – Super Bowl Champion, GQ Coverboy, and fan of long hair.


Brett Favre


Ben Roethlisberger


Barrack O’Bama


LeBron James


Michael Vick


Kobe Bryant


Tiger Woods


You can give it a try for yourself at You’ll need to register to use the Polamalamizer. If by chance haven’t seen Polamalu’s Head & Shoulders commercials, or want to see them again, check out our Hilarious Troy Polamalu Head & Shoulders Commercial Collection.

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