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Philadelphia Eagles Cartoon Spoofs the Falcons Play 60 Bus Commercial

This week’s edition of the Philadelphia Eagles promo cartoon is a recreation of the Atlanta Falcons Play 60 commercial which shows the team travelling on a bus while head bobbing to the music.

Be sure to stick around for the end as you’ll see another appearance of little Eli Manning. He first appeared in the Eagles cartoon series a few weeks ago with his brother Peyton. If you aren’t familiar with the original Play 60 commercial w/ the Falcons, you can see it here.

UPDATE: The Eagles have apparently disabled embedding of their videos, but you can still see the clip here at

Below I’ve attempted to identify the Eagles Players and Staff as shown in the clip. In order of appearance they are:

Michael Vick

Andy Reid (driving the bus)

Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant (I think)

DeSean Jackson

Mike McGlynn & Trent Cole

Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott

Owen Schmitt and some crazy fans

Guard Max Jean-Giles Dancing in the aisle

Eagles Radio Announcers Mike Quick and Merrill Reese

Guard Todd Herremans and Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro

Sav Rocco and David Akers

Random Eagles Fans

Brent Celek

Owner Jeffrey Laurie and Swoop (mascot)

Asante Samuel and (I’m not sure but I think it’s) Nate Allen.

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