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Chad Ochocinco. Yeah, There’s an Official iPhone App for That

If you had to guess as to which NFL stars have their own iPhone app, Ochocinco might be your first guess. And you’d be correct. The Cincinnati Bengals receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson recently released his own iPhone app.  Created by Rock Software, the app features photos, sound bites, tips, music favorites, and more.

With the NFL season less than 2 months away, many football fans are chomping at the bit for the season to begin. In the meantime, you can still follow what Chad Ochocinco is up to with his iPhone app.


The app has two screens worth of icons, so if you aren’t aware you could miss some things.

Ocho TV allows you to “catch” all of Chad’s latest offerings from his YouTube Channel.

A photo gallery full of pics of Chad, many alongside various celebs. Here’s one of him and follow NFL receiver / VH1 reality show star Terrell Owens.

There’s a Football section (Yes, Chad still plays football too! ) with a Bengals schedule and Stats. There’s isn’t much to show at the moment as the season is still a months and a half away.

The Find Ocho feature is basic but interesting. It pulls up a map with a picture of Ochocinco’s head to indicate where in the world he is at that moment. It appears that at the time he is in New York City.

Vocab is another cool feature that gives you some of Chad’s favorite sayings and there meaning.

Perhaps my favorite feature is the Sound Bites. Here you get 9 sound bites of Chad’s favorite sayings. actually, there’s 18. 9 in English and 9 in Spanish.

There are also a Tips section where Ocho doles out various “tips” and comments, backgroung info, an “Ask Ocho” section, and a Twitter section where you can stay on top of all of Chad’s tweets. Chad’s Jams is a list of his favorite songs and a link to buy them in iTunes.

You can also access UStream but for some reason it just featured popular UStream videos and I didn’t find and of Ochocinco’s videos. The OCNN (Ochocinco News Network) is basically just top Sports News of the day.


If you are an Ochocinco fan or a big Bengals fan, you’ll probably get a kick out of the Ochcinco iPhone App. Even a NFL lover would probably get some enjoyment out of it. There’s enough options and features that you won’t get bored very quickly. Plus, is it’s free so there is really nothing to lose.

Update 9/16/2010: The Chad Ochocinco Official App has recently been updated and the iAds have now been removed.

Grab the Ochocinco iPhone app in the App Store or iTunes.

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