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Are You A Steelers Geek? Check out the Pittsburgh Steelers Toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer

For some, toolbars can be helpful timesavers that allow you to perform tasks like web search more efficiently. With, the Pittsburgh Steelers toolbar (available for IE and Firefox) you can show your love for the Steelers, bring timely Steelers information one click closer, and maybe even win cool Steelers gear. 

Select Download Toolbar to get started. You can find the download link here. We’re installing the Pittsburgh Steelers toolbar in Internet Exporer. If you are using Firefox, your screen or options may look slightly different.

Then select Run.

Click Next to begin Installation…

If you use both Firefox and Internet Explorer, you can choose to install the toolbar for one or both browsers.

On the next window, you can choose whether or not you want the Steelers toolbar to change your default search engine (Steelers search is powered by Yahoo) and set your default home page to the Steelers website.

Then click Finish.

You may need to restart your browser for the toolbar to appear.

Now you can search the web, go to, find links to stats, schedule, roster, injury reports, multimedia, and shopping.

The links take you directly to the corresponding information on the Steelers website.

The web search is powered by Yahoo. Type key words into the search bar and get the results complete with a Steelers logo at the upper left!

To participate in contests and win prizes, you need to register. To do so, select Activate Toolbar.

Then enter registration information…

And nifty (and geeky!) way to show your Pittsburgh Steelers love and maybe win some cool Steelers gear along the way.

Download the Pittsburgh Steelers toolbar here.

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