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Watch Weekly and Classic NHL Games Online

Looking to relive some classic NHL games? Or, maybe you missed that exciting game overtime last week and want to see what you missed. Either way, Hulu has you covered with their NHL Games channel.

NHL Games on Hulu brings hockey fans current condensed games, replayed current full games, and complete classic games. The “condensed games”  are basically extended highlight packages that run about 10 minutes in length and show scoring chances, saves, and other key action in the game. You’ll find many games available a couple days after they are played.

The current full games are just that. Full game replays of exciting or interested contests.  New games are typically added about a week after they are played. Despite the name “current” games go back as far as the 07-08 season and include many Stanley Cup playoff games.

They also have Classic Games. These full length games go back as far as the 1950’s and include a lot of Stanley Cup playoff games.

Watch NHL Games on Hulu.

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