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Michael Vick’s New Website, Store, and Facebook Page Officially Go Live

We mentioned a few weeks ago that Mike Vick himself tweeted to announce his new web site would go live on November 16th, it didn’t quite make that deadline. It took about 2 weeks longer than that, but Vick’s new website and Facebook page are now up and running.

Here’s the entire list of Michael Vick sites and Social Media pages:

Mike Vick’s Official Facebook page:

Michael Vick’s Official Website:

Michael Vick’s Online Store:

Follow Mike Vick on Twitter:

So, what is Mike selling in his online store? Currently he’s got a couple of t-shirts and autographed copies of his recent Sports Illustrated cover issue.

Mike Vick Logo T-shirt, and a collage T-shirt that has Vick’s face along with some Philly icons such as the LOVE sculpture, the Liberty Bell, and the Rocky statue:

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