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Review: Wii Sports Resort with Wii Motion Plus

One of my favorite games since I purchased my Wii has been the Wii Sports Resort. It is one of the first games to feature the Wii Motion Plus, which gives you more accurate motion detection.

Wii Sports Resort comes with the Wii Motion Plus and is required to play any of the games. If you have a family or friends who will want to play with you, you’re going to need to purchase multiple Wii Motion Plus devices.

There are plenty of games. Twelve min games and some of those games have multiple sub-games. For example, Basketball has both a 3 Point Shooting contest and a 3 on 3 pickup game.

This video review from IGN does a nice job of giving a quick overview of all the games:

Below I’ve added my own commentary and opinion on a few of the games with some further example videos.


This one is a lot of fun, especially with 2 players. There are three different games, two of which you need to unlock by playing one of the other games. The Showdown may be the most fun of all of the Swordplay games. In Showdown, a barrage of attackers charge at you constantly and you need to fight them off. Sometimes you can take out more than one of them with one swing of the sword.


Golf has been a consistent favorite of mine since I purchased the game. I was a fan of the original Wii Sports golf, and this takes Wii golf to the next level. In this version, not only can you play a full 18 holes, but you can also play draw and fade shots by turning your wrists as you swing. In the original version you could only do that by over-swinging and you couldn’t control your shots. This allows you to control those shots so you can play a big slice shot or a light draw, etc.

The front nine holes are exactly the same as in the original Wii Sports, but the back nine are brand new. You can also unlock a “Special” 3 hole course that is very difficult, but also very fun. One of the holes has you driving the ball through a high walled canyon, and another has a very odd but fun horse-shoe shaped green that makes for some very interesting putts.


Here’s look at the gameplay for the Golf on Wii Sports Resort from IGN:


3-point Contest

If you’ve ever seen the NBA Skills Competition at the All-Star game, you know what this one is all about. Make as many 3 point shots as possible in the allotted time but grabbing basketballs off the rack and making shots. You get bonus points for scoring with the multi-colored ball.

Pickup Game

Initially, I didn’t really like this game. For some reason, I didn’t get the hang of the controls right away and thus I kinda gave up on it. However, I eventually gave it a try again and after picking up the controls (which really wasn’t too difficult, might have simply been a lack of patience on my part), I now find it quite fun. If you are used to EA Sports NBA or other such games, you’ll may be disappointed by this version of basketball, as it is rather basic. It’s half court only and there is no rebounding. Once a shot is blocked or missed it is an automatic turnover.

It’s simplicity is probably it’s biggest advantage.  The only moves you need to learn are shooting an passing on offense and blocking shots and stealing the ball on defense. It makes it easy for the whole family to jump in and have fun playing basketball. Like a lot of other games it gets tougher as you advance in skill level, so if you find it too easy at first, keep playing, it will get tougher.

This gives you a good idea of gameplay for basketball:


The shear variety of games makes is such that you can come back to over and over again and not become bored. You probably won’t love every game, but there are more than enough that are sure to keep you entertained. Some of the games are very easy in the beginning, but become increasingly difficult as you rise to higher skill levels. Wii Sports Resort has definitely been one of the better game investments I’ve made.

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