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NFL Game Rewind and Audio Pass Now Available at Half Price

The NFL Game Rewind and NFL Audio Pass from allow you to watch On Demand NFL Game and Listen to Live or On Demand Audio of all NFL games. Now through the end of the season you can buy them for 50% off the standard price. We have previously taken a detailed look at both the NFL Game Rewind, and the NFL Audio Pass from As they often do, the NFL has lowered the price on these to subscription services midway through the year.

NFL Game Rewind is now $24.99 and NFL Audio Pass is now $19.99. You can get more details and order at

We’ve found both services to be very good, but one thing to note before buying either product is that they don’t expend into the post-season.

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  • Jessie Jones

    Thinking about subscibing. Can game be steamed to tv or do they have to be watch via computer. Can audio pass be sinc w/ game rewind to listen to local broadcast

    • sportsgeekery

      If you can connect your computer to your TV, then yes, you can watch it that way. I do that quite often. As for syncing with audio pass, I doubt it would work well. Game Rewind edits out all the commercial breaks but I believe audio pass leaves in all the breaks.