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ESPN Updates it’s Popular SportsCenter Mobile App

ESPN released a pretty significant update to it’s popular ESPN SportsCenter mobile app this week which brings scores, Twitter feed and an updated UI to your mobile device.

To  set your favorite teams and get some of the other custom features you’ll need to log in with your ESPN account or through Facebook.

Check out the video clip below to see the look  of the new app. You won’t see any visible ads in the app, but trust me, their are no shortage of ads in this app. I’m not against ads (just look around this site…) but ESPN SportsCenter really pushes the limit of what one app can display.

So far it’s an upgrade in terms of content, but man, the ads are really generously spread throughout the app. I think I’ll get used to the embedded ones pretty quickly, but the occasional overlay ads that you need to close before reading of viewing the content are a bit over the top. The new app requires iOS 6 or higher to run, so if you are using an older device or haven’t updated to iOS 6, you’ll be stuck using the old version of the app.

Cost: Free


Download ESPN SportsCenter for iOS

Download ESPN SportsCenter for Android

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