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Follow the 2010 US Open Tennis Championship on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

The 2010 US Open Tennis Championship kicks off today from Flushing Meadow, NY followed by several weeks of exciting tennis action. If you are dreading the thought of missing the action, now you can stay up to date on your iPhone with the US Open Tennis Championships 2010 App from the USTA.

The US Open Tennis Championships 2010 App features Live Scoring, Schedules, News, Photos, and more. The even have Live radio broadcast. The downside is that it lacks any live streaming.

The Radio section allows you to not only listen to live audio of action and you can even submit questions to the booth.

Find a bio of each player in the tournament or tweets from prominent players…

Live and Completed scoring, and Videos which include match highlights, post-match player interviews, commentary, and more.

Live video would be a killer feature, but as it stands the it’s a pretty nice app for the hard core Tennis fan.

Download the US Open Tennis Championship 2010 iPhone App from iTunes.

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