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Review: NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2013 App for iPad and iPhone

With the NFL season creeping closer, we continue our Fantasy Football Draft app reviews with the the NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2013 App  for iPad and iPhone. 

NOTE:  We reviewed the iPad version of NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2013 app, which is available in the App Store for $4.99. There is also an iPhone version of the same app available in the App Store for $2.99. (See the download links at the bottom of the post)


ff-1To begin setting up your app, create a league by defining the draft type (snake, straight, or auction), draft mode (select just your team or all teams), number of teams, and number of rounds. You can also choose whether it will be a mock draft, but this can also be toggled on and off later. It’s up to you if you want to create multiple leagues, but only one of the league will be active. This changed be changed in the settings.

Once the league is created, you’ll need to customize the scoring to your league rules. Plenty of scoring options including bonus points, IDP, special teams yards, and custom points per position.


Player rankings can be filtered by Projected Points, Value Based Drafting, Average Draft Position, and Average Auction Value. You should note that Projected Points is the default (in case you are wondering why like the first 20 players are QBs). Projected Points are based on your league rankings. Another important thing to know is that the Value Based Drafting rankings only list a limited number of players. So, if you are going through a draft or mock and notice you are running out of available players, or cant find certain players in the list, switch over to one of the other rankings.


Drafting (Live & Mock)

New in the 2013 edition of the NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet App is the ability to do mock drafts. As I mentioned earlier, you can make any draft you’ve created a mock draft by toggling on the switch in the settings.

As for the process of drafting, simply select a player from the rankings on the left to display player information such as stats (the past 3 years and 2013 projected numbers), depth chart, player news, and a team schedule. The schedule displays matchup ratings for the player’s position (based on 2012 stats, I assume). These schedule rankings are a little different from last season where there displayed team rankings. I like the change. It more simplistic, but it visually gives you the breakdown very quickly without needing to study the numbers. This is key during a live draft.

UPDATE (7/18/2013): With the latest update, the schedule rankings on the right were changed back to numerical rankings with color coding indicating difficulty level, which I think is a nice compromise.


After tapping once to select a player from the rankings, buttons are displayed below the player name (Draft, Assign or Other, and Wishlist). The action button (box with arrow) along the bottom of the players stats and information screen allow you to set the player as a keeper, or add him to the wishlist.


The mock draft is the only place I encountered any issues. When trying to clear the draft board after a mock draft, the app crashed. It happened twice before the draft was successfully cleared.


Once again, NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet is a great app choice for your fantasy football draft (and draft prep). As in past years, it has nice visual appeal and all the important features you’ll need for your draft. The addition of the mock draft engine is a big one and only adds to the quality. Another addition this year is the ability to email draft results which was sadly missing last season.

As I recommended in past years, you’ll probably want to spend a little time using this app before your draft to get a good feel for it. There can be a small learning curve if you have never used it before. A handful of mock drafts should do the trick.

We’ll be putting together a wrap-up post to review all the iOS fantasy football draft apps as soon as we get the chance to review all of them.

Cost: $4.99


iPhone: NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2013 – NFL Enterprises LLC

iPad: RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2013 – Roto Sports, Inc.

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