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NBC Sports Live Extra App is Failing Android Users

So… any of you Android phone users try using the NBC Sports Live Extra app lately? If you have, you may not have gotten very far. 

A few months back I upgraded to a Samsung GS3 and before too long I got around to installing the NBC Sports Live Extra app. My old Android phone wasn’t compatible with NBC Sports Live Extra, so I had never experienced it via the Android platform. I had always used my iOS devices to access it. After the initial Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 11.20.11 AMinstall, the app didn’t work for me. It simple froze on load. Since I wasn’t anxious too watch anything at that time, just merely test it, I set it aside and tried again later.  Same deal. Froze on load. I’ve since uninstalled and re-installed several times and have never gotten any farther than trying to type in my user credentials before it freezes.

It’s seems I’m far from the only one having a frustrating user experience on Android. If you peruse the reviews of the app over at Google Play you’ll be hard pressed to find any recent positives. If anyone is having any luck with NBC Sports Live Extra on Android, they apparently aren’t providing that feedback on Google Play.

The NBC Sports Live Extra app has typically worked fine on my iPad. Between the NHL and the PGA I’ve been using the app heavily in the past couple months. The iPad is how I would access NBC Sports Live Extra most of the time anyway, but it’s shameful that NBC Sports can’t get it to work properly on Android phones. For as much time as they spend touting the app during live sporting events on NBC and on the NBC Sports Network, you’d think they would make it a priority to ensure that the app worked properly on all platforms. Hopefully they get their act together soon. Especially with football season just a few months away.

NOTE: The issues are the same on the Golf Live Extra app (which is basically the same app but with only golf content) on Android.

Anyone else had a similar experience? Or a better experience? Let us know in the comments.

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