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Comcast XFINITY TV Sports Remote App is Nice, But It’s Sports Selections Are Limited

As a new subscriber to Comcast Xfinity for my TV service, I’ve been anxiously trying out many of their mobile apps. One of which is the XFINITY TV Sports Remote app for iPhone and iPad that allows Comcast TV subscribers to view TV sports listings, current scores, and even change the channel or record a show from the app. 

In theory, the app sounds fantastic. And as for the functionality, the XFINITY TV Sports Remote works just fine. The app displays each day’s scheduled or current sporting events. It displays only the actual games. It does not display other sports programming such as highlight shows, pre-game/post-game, etc. Select a current or scheduled sporting event from the menu and chose to record or watch the channel.


Sadly, the sports listings are rather limited. Only NFL, NHL, NBA, NHL, and men’s college basketball and football are included in the app. Granted, this collection of sports may suit many people just fine, but it’s very surprising to see golf, NASCAR, and other sports not included. Especially considering Comcast’s ownership of the Golf Channel through it’s acquisition of NBC Universal. As an alternative (and a pretty good one), you could use the general XFINITY TV Remote app and filter the listings by sports.

Note: To use the app, you need to have XFINITY TV digital cable service and a compatible set top box (cable box) to use the XFINITY TV Sports Remote.

The iTunes description claims that they will be adding additional sports in future updates, so this is an app that may be worth revisiting in the future. For now, however, it’s limited sports listings leaves it’s just too crippled to be a complete solution for most sports fans.

Cost: Free


iPhone: XFINITY TV Sports Remote

iPad: XFINITY TV Sports Remote for iPad

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