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NFL Audio Pass Playoff Subscriptions Now Available on iPad

Want to listen to the 2012 NFL Playoffs Live on your iPad? NFL Audio Pass subscriptions are now available via in-app purchase in the NFL ’12 App for $14.99 for the entire playoffs, or $4.99 for a single week. 

The NFL  ’12 App isn’t anything special. It does, however, allow you to link your NFL Audio Pass subscriptions so you can listen to games on your iPad. If you purchase an NFL Audio Pass Playoff subscription through the website, you can choose restore purchase to access your subscription via you iPad.


If you want to avoid dropping any cash, TuneIn Radio app may be an alternative. By using the TuneIn radio app, you can usually find a live stream of NFL games, but it often takes a bit of searching and testing. Many radio stations that broadcast NFL games block the game itself from streaming live via the web.

The advantage of Audio Pass is that you know you’ll get the games (assuming they don’t suffer technical issues), and you also have access to archived games, including the Super Bowl, up through February 10th 2013.

Cost: NFL ’12 is free, NFL Audio Pass Playoffs is $14.99, or $4.99 per week.


NFL ’12 – NFL Enterprises LLC

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