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NBA League Pass Broadband Free Preview Through November 6th

If you aren’t sure you want to plunk down $100+ for NBA League Pass for TV, Broadband, and/or Mobile, you can soak up a week’s worth of free preview access to help you make up your mind. 

For those that want to preview NBA League Pass Broadband or Mobile, you’ll need to sign up for an All Access account (it’s free). After you are registered, you use your credentials to log in through your browser from the schedule page, on your TV connected devices like XBox 360, PS3, Apple TV, or Roku, or through the one of the NBA Mobile apps for iOS or Android.

As is typical with NBA League Pass, any local, regional, or national games are going to be blacked out. It’s only games that you otherwise couldn’t view in your TV market. For more information, pricing, etc, check out the NBA League Pass page at

The free preview runs through November 6th, so don’t hesitate to check it out.


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