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NBA League Pass Broadband for 2013

NBA League Pass Broadband delivers live out-of-market NBA basketball to your computer and select Internet connected devices. This year’s version is now available for order. 

Packages and Pricing

One again their are multiple separate NBA League Pass options. NBA League Pass Broadband Premium gives you access to every team for $139.99 (on time payment), or 5 installment of $44.99.

The NBA League Pass Choice Package gives you access to any 5 teams of your choosing for $139.99 (one time price) or 5 installments of $30.99.

Note that this offer does not include mobile phones! Both packages offer “up to” 720 HD picture, game stats, picture in picture, mosaic mode, and full season on demand archives. The fine print says that you need “at least” a 3.5 MB/s connection for 720 HD. Additional features include the ability to watch 4 games at one (computer), archived games, highlights, dvr controls, and in-game stats.

NBA League Pass Broadband


NBA League Pass Broadband allows you to watch on your computer, iPad, and Android Tablet, along with a host of TV connected devices like the Apple TV, Roku, XBox 360, and PS3. XBox owners probably already know this, but watching NBA (or anything for that matter) will require an XBox Gold subscription which will cost you an extra $60 / year or $25 for 3 months. So be sure to factor that into your budget. Although, you can get discount XBox Gold subscription cards on

Free Preview

In past season, NBA League Pass Broadband has been available for a short period at the beginning of the season (usually about a week) as a free preview.

Mobile and TV Options

If you don’t mind watching on your mobile device (iPhone & Android) and want to save a few bucks (or more than a few) NBA League Pass Mobile is available through the NBA Game Time app for $54.99 (or $43.99 for Sprint customers). The mobile version does not include the iPad. If you order through your TV provider, you’ll get access on all devices for $199.99


NBA League Pass isn’t for everyone. It’s really just for the out-of-market fan, or the fan who just can’t ever get enough NBA basketball. It’s also a nice option for those cord cutters who can’t other see much NBA basketball.

Make sure you fully understand the blackout rules before purchasing. Essentially, if an NBA game is available on TV in your area, it will be blacked out in NBA League Pass Broadband. That includes local and national broadcasts. So, every game broadcast on ESPN, TNT, ABC,  NBA.TV, or any other local or regional station, will be blacked out in your area. Also, it’s regular season games only. No pre-season. No live playoffs. Archived playoff games, however, will be available.

Order NBA League Pass Broadband at

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  • sonof90s

    This plan is basically useless. Blackout rules apply to all games that are broadcasted Nationally or regionally. This means the PASS is not a replacement of you cable TV. It’s only a way to watch games that are not on regular TV channels. Wanna watch Thunders Vs Heat on Christmas? not happening, dear League pass subscriber. LOL!! You pay to be penalized. Ridiculous.

    • sportsgeekery

      It’s for fans who live out-of-market. It may be useless to you, but it’s clearly not useless to everyone. A Milwaukee Bucks fan who moves to Florida probably thinks it’s pretty awesome that there is a way to watch all the Bucks games.

  • disqus_OerMDGyBeq

    Just got it for xbox and so far its ok. Ok because they don’t show my hometown teams. But tease you with highlights of the game,post game report and so on. I like being able to watch out of town teams and seeing league stats videos from all teams high lights so it does pack a lot of stuff but then again NBA fans want to watch a live game especially their home team.

  • I bought for the second time (last season and now). I love the idea of watching all the time and all the games. The problem is NOT WORKING ON PS3!!! Why??? MLB, NHL you can but why not NBA on PS3??

    • sportsgeekery

      Simple. The NBA & Sony haven’t worked out a deal to bring it to PS3 yet.