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Mike Shanahan’s Solution to Donovan McNabb’s Lack of Cardiovascular Endurance

In what has become an instant punchline for many who follow the NFL, Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan explained during his Monday press conference that his benching of Donovan McNabb in the final 2 minutes on Sunday was due to the Quarterback’s lack of “Cardiovascular Endurance.” Well, we think we’ve found a solution to Shanny’s problem with McNabb.

The QB Oxygen tank. With this handy apparatus, now there’s no need to replace the player you used two draft picks to acquire with a dud like Rex Grossman just because his fitness is a little lax. Just strap it on at the 2 minute warning and McNabb can grab a few quick breaths of oxygen after each play. And, it only adds 10 pounds to the uniform. Which is only a problem if your QB’s weight training is also not where it should be…


Mike Shanahan on McNabb’s fitness:

The cardiovascular endurance that it takes to run a two-minute, going all the way down with no timeouts, calling plays, it’s just not easy. If I thought it was the best situation to do, then Donovan would have run the two-minute offense.

We might also suggest keeping a barf bag close by, just in case. You can never be too prepared, you know?

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