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Frank Caliendo Hilarious Jim Rome Imitation

Who doesn’t love listening to Frank Caliendo doing impressions? ┬áHis catalogue of voice impressions includes numerous sports celebrities such as John Madden and Charles Barkley. He’s a modern day Rich Little for those folks over 40.

Since we recently did a post on how to listen to the Jim Rome Show on your iPhone or Android device, we thought we’d bring you the next best thing to the real Jim Rome, (some might say better than the real thing…) Frank Caliendo as Jim Rome.

You can tell this clip is a bit dated by the references to Dick Vermeil and asking Terrell Owens about Donovan McNabb. Hilarious, none the less. Hil – arious.

He’s another great one, but only slightly more current. You can hear Frank’s impression change a bit between the two clips.

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