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Get NFL Sunday Ticket Online Without a DirecTV Subscription

Would you like to get the NFL Sunday Ticket but can’t get DirecTV at your house? No problem! Although DirecTV holds the exclusive broadcast rights to NFL Sunday Ticket, DirecTV was required in the NFL Sunday Ticket deal with the NFL to provide an online solution for fans who can’t get DirecTV.

Here’s the scoop. The NFL Sunday Ticket online and mobile is specifically for people who can’t otherwise get DirecTV service due to line of sight issues or other such reasons. I can’t get DirecTV at my place, so this is right up my alley. New in 2015, DirecTV has added the availability to most 4-year colleges in the US.

In 2014, availability was added for Philadelphia, New York, and San Francisco metro areas. It’s not clear as of this update if this will continue or if more cities will be added. you can, however, check eligibility on their website at Regular subscribers will just need an address, while student will need to provide more information such as their school and birthday.

For the uninitiated, NFL Sunday Ticket provides live out-of-market coverage of every NFL game every Sunday. This means if the game is on CBS or Fox in your area, you won’t get it on NFL Sunday Ticket. You will, however, get every other early & late Sunday afternoon game live. It does not include Sunday Night, Monday Night, or Thursday Night NFL games. You get the live stream of the games as they happen. No replay or on-demand capabilities.

NFL Sunday Ticket with DirecTV has been available to those who can’t get DirecTV for several years. DirecTV has re-branded this product in 2014 as “NFLSundayTicket.TV.”  The yearly subscription, which comes in three tiers, allows eligible subscribers to watch the NFL Sunday Ticket every Sunday on your computer’s browser, iPad or Android Tablet, certain mobile phones, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Roku. To watch on mobile, you’ll need to download the free NFL Sunday Ticket app.


DirecTV now offers, which allows fans who can’t get DirecTV service at home, fans in certain cities, and certain college students, an opportunity to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket in one of 3 tiers of service.

College Students

Students at most 4 year colleges and universities are eligible to purchase for $99.

Everyone Else

Here’s the breakdown of prices and tiers. The “To Go” package allows you to watch on mobile, tablet, and computer for $199.00 (or 4 payments of $49.99). No NFL Red Zone channel.

The “Connected Device” package for $259.99 allows you to watch ONLY on a PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, or Roku, but not computer, tablet, and mobile. No NFL Red Zone channel.

The “Max” package gives you access to all eligible devices for $359.00, plus the Red Zone, and the new Fantasy channel.


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 7.04.46 PM

Fine Print and Things You Need to Know

  • Blackouts do apply. If the game is on local TV in your area (Fox, CBS) it won’t be available on the NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • You can only be logged in on one device at a time. For example, you won’t be able to watch one game on a PS3 and another on your computer.
  • According to a variety of sources, the NFL Sunday Ticket app will not work on jailbroken or rooted devices.
  • Be sure to double check that your specific device, operating system, and/or software is eligible. For example, iOS 8 or above is required for iOS devices.
  • There are no refunds after the start of the season.
  • If you have any questions about the product itself, call the number on that page (800-670-7288). If you call the main number to order DirecTV service, they will likely tell you that you can’t get online access without subscribing to DirecTV. (At least, that’s what they tried to tell me when I called to ask some questions in previous years. After being transferred to a supervisor and convincing him that I was looking at a page on the DirecTV site that told me I could get online only NFL Sunday Ticket, he reluctantly told me I needed to call the number on that page for more information.)

Signing Up

NOTE: This was my experience from a couple years ago, some things may have changed, especially with the new exceptions available in 2015.

Sign up was quick and easy.  There isn’t much in the way of actual validation other than a few check boxes you need to select before ordering. The checkboxes ask you to certify that you’ve never subscribed at your current address, or can’t otherwise get DirecTV service at your current address. I’m not sure if they have some sort of follow up validation or not.

After logging in, I launched the NFL Sunday Ticket Player just to check it out. There isn’t much to see at this point as there haven’t been any NFL Sunday Ticket games yet. It does appear to give you the option to watch 4 games at once, has a picture-in-picture mode, as well as a full screen and mini mode. (UPDATE: Yes, you can watch 4 games at once in the computer browser, not on mobile, tablet, or console)


I subscribed to the service in two different seasons and my review of the NFL Sunday Ticket Online experience is mostly positive.

Other Links for more information

If you have additional questions, check out the following links for more information.

Review: NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3, iPad, and Online

NFLSundayTicket.TV FAQ

Download NFL Sunday Ticket Apps


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  • Jake

    Are u getting it on your iPad? I wonder if it allows video out with the video out dongle thing? Would like to hook it up to my tv.

    • sportsgeekery

      Yes. I’ll test that this afternoon and post results.

    • sportsgeekery

      Yep, it works well with the iPad Digital AV adapter.

      • Troy

        does it work via AirPlay to Apple TV? Also is there DVR or watch later capability?

  • Jake

    Thanks! I can’t wait to hear your report on the picture quality and so forth. I’m going to have get this for next weekend so I can watch my Colts!

  • Steven

    Where does it say 250 at I just see 300 for Nfl Sunday ticket max?

    • sportsgeekery

      The original address to the online only version page is However, it looks like DirecTV has now forwarded that address to their main NFL Sunday Ticket info page. They did the same thing last year during the offseason and probably won’t put the page back up until a week or two before the 2013 season starts.

  • Sterling

    So, I can get Sunday ticket through my computer WITHOUT being with DirecTV? My internet and cable are with verizon right now, can i still get Sunday Ticket through internet? Also, i recently looked on PS3 to see if i could find the Sunday Ticket app, but could not find it. Did they remove it?

    • sportsgeekery

      Yes, you can get DirecTV over the Internet regardless of provider. PS3 likely won’t be up until a week or so before the season begins.

      If you play Madden, you’ll want to look into the Madden NFL Anniversary Edition which includes the NFL Sunday Ticket free via the Internet (not PS3, however).

  • Jake

    If I download the sunday ticket app, it obviously asks me for my Direct tv login. My apartment doesnt allow me to get DTV so, so I cant get an account, how do i login?

    • sportsgeekery

      The online version won’t be made available until probably a week or so before the season. You get login credentials when you purchase it either throught the DirecTV website or PS3.

  • Kristin

    It is good to hear that this might be easier once the season is closer. I heard about this and called because my lease says I can’t have any dish. I tried to explain that my landlord thought it was an eyesore an wouldn’t allow it even if it wasn’t actually on the house but they wouldn’t listen. When I said unless you can stick the dish in my bedroom that won’t work and they just offered to send a tech. out to see if we could hide it somewhere the landlord won’t see.

    Thanks! I will keep checking back and hope it works before the season starts!

  • J E

    IF I get the Madden Anniversary edition are the games that I am able to watch in HD quailty?

  • Dizzle56

    I found the PS3 NFL Ticket to be pretty horrible in terms of the quality. I have a real nice TV and there is a significant difference between the PS3 quality and when I switch to regular TV, I was hoping it would be a lot closer, but its not the case.
    Are you able to use the adapter to use an ipad connected to your TV or will it block it? Seems like the best option for better quality, but concerned it won’t allow it to connect to my TV, any thoughts?

    • sportsgeekery

      Check the link above in the Overview section to find my review from last season. In a nutshell, yes, you can connect an iPad via the adapter. Interesting about the PS3 though, I actually found the quality to be very good.

  • Mike Thornhill

    So if I don’t have cable in Dallas but I get the Sunday Ticket through the PS3 network,I wont be able to watch any local Dallas games? I will mainly want this for fantasy football but the wife is a big Cowboy fan…how lame is that you can get every out of market game but no major network games! It’s like a trade-off.

    • sportsgeekery

      Correct – if a game is on CBS or Fox in your area, it will be “blacked out.” The theory is that if you are in market you can watch the games for free over the air and the league doesn’t want to take viewers away from the local affiliates.
      Beginning in 2014, local in market games will be available online through CBS and Fox.

  • socon67

    What if you can get DirecTV but do not have them as your provider? Can you just pay the fee for the online service, or will they want to confirm that you are not able to get their service first?

    • sportsgeekery

      The only confirmation I had to do was click the checkboxes on the order form (I have a screen grab above). I don’t know if they do additional checks or not.

      You might want to look into the Madden 25 Anniversary edition form Amazon that includes NFL Sunday Ticket Online (PC / mobile only). Check out the UPDATE (6/3/2013) in the Overview section above for more information.

  • Patrick Mike

    Does amyone know if this will work overseas? Going on a trip and dont want to miss the season

  • Cohiba

    I really enjoyed my PS3 NFL Sunday Ticket last year/season2013.
    Yes, you must internet, connect the internet/modem via wire or wireless. I did mine wireless, about 60’from the PS3 and the router. 46″LED, HD viewing, but it did buffer for 4-9 seconds when you changed games. If I had any problems…trust me..I called Sony amd they helped!!

    What I want to know…for a backup if PS3 doesn’t offer the ticket…how can I get JUST the NFL Ticket online? I read your article and I’m still a little puzzled. I called DirectTV and get so many different answers..I can’t get a straight answer.

    • sportsgeekery

      I ordered it right off the DirecTV website last year. I think alot of the confusion is because DirecTV removes any reference to an online only version until about a week or two before the season begins. At that point they put up an order page on their website, but they do no advertising or marketing of it whatsoever.

      So, if you are looking for a fallback plan, you could either wait until they “open up” the ordering for the online only version, or buy the Madden 25 Anniversary edition from Amazon. (I have a link above in an update to the Overview section)

  • Cohiba

    Forgot to mention this. On the PS3 Sunday NFL Ticket, it doesn’t matter If you can get DirectTV. Sign up through PS3, on the, I cannot get or recieve DirectTV.

    With the PS3 plan…all you can do is watch it on your computer, phone, or Ipad. The same as if you went to a sports bar and watched the game.

    We have Cox cable and enjoy it, so my wife doesn’t want to change to DirectTV. That’s why I went the Sony PS3 way…better than nothing!! I’d still like to know…again as a to just get the NFL Ticket online…just the ticket. No shows, programs, nothing else. Is it a contract? With all the horror stories I read, what happens if DirectTV slips in additional programs and it a penalty to cancel those? Who can I call and get a straight answer?

    • sportsgeekery

      Thanks again for the comments. Last season I ordered it right online from DirecTV website (the order form probably won’t be up on the site for another 3 weeks or so). It gave me access to computer, tablet, mobile, and PS3. It was just the Sunday Ticket, nothing else.

  • Adam Rice

    Does the online package or PS3 have replay available if you miss a game?

    • sportsgeekery

      No, it’s only live.

      • waxmoronic

        You can get NFL Rewind for $70 to supplement the Sunday Ticket live package and you’ll STILL be coming out ahead.

        NFL Rewind rules. HD streams, jump to a play, 10 second forward and back buttons, All-22 film, playoffs, archives back to 2009.

  • John Hampton

    I have a smart tv with wifi and a browser. If I pay for NFL Ticket online will I receive a link from Directtv to log in to watch the games each week? If not what are my options to access the games through my browser?

    • sportsgeekery

      I can’t recall if they provided a link in a confirmation email, or if I was directed to a page during signup and just bookmarked it, or what exactly. But yes, you create a username and password when signing up and you log into the site each week to watch the games.

      • John Hampton

        Once you pay the one time fee for the service do you have the flexibility to log into the various online options….ie iPad app, browser,ps3, etc. throughout the season…..or do you have to designate one option and stick with it throughout the season?

        • sportsgeekery

          You will get access to browser and mobile/tablet. For mobile and tablets, you need to download the NFL SundayTicket app and log in.

          Now, with the PS3, a rep told me that the online and mobile subscription was different from the PS3 and if I wanted both I would have to buy both the online version and the PS3 version through the PlayStation Store. However, I only bought the online/mobile version and it worked on the PS3 as well.

  • KPG

    The ‘sundayticketspecial’ link used to forward to the main Sunday Ticket page, just as your post states, but now it loads up a “cannot be found” page. I’m eagerly anticipating the ability to purchase the online version since I can’t get DTV in my apartment [too many trees], so should I just call the number in your screenshot? Do I need to wait for the webpage to function?

  • Damien Alvarado

    DTV just told me i had to be a DTV customer to get NFL Sunday Ticket Max. Is that not accurate? I’m reading below that a week or two before the season starts is when the online version will be made available but we’re about there and I can’t seem to find it on the DTV website…additionally, that’s not what DTV is telling me. any feedback on that?

    • sportsgeekery

      As I mention above, that’s exactly what they told me last year when I called the main DirecTV number. Last year, I believe the order form went live around Sept. 1st. I would recommend looking into the Madden 25 Anniversary edition mentioned above for $99.

  • Klamath Matt

    So what does madden 25 have its own Sunday ticket app or does it use directv’s sunday ticket app?
    I am interested in knowing if i can pause games that are streamed and come back to them later with the madden 25 package.

    • Derek Olson

      I logged in using the regular Sunday ticket app yesterday using the username and password I got with Madden 25. It seemed to log in just fine, all that came up was a couple logos (Directv and Sunday ticket I think).

  • Hamlinator

    If you get the Tablet app, can you output to your TV or is that blocked?

    • sportsgeekery

      I can only speak to the iPad, but last year I was able to watch via HDMI adapter and by mirroring via Apple TV.

      Can’t confirm yet if it will be the same in 2013.

  • Cohiba

    Well, I’m patiently waiting for my Madden/NFL Ticket to arrive.

    For those that ordered it, this video might help.

  • skinsguy

    Hey thanks for all of the info. I appreciate it. My pc is compatible so do you think I can HDMI output it to my tv like I do other videos or is it going to not let you do that? Also can I output from my ipad to a regular HDTV?

    • sportsgeekery

      PC “should” work fine. There really is no difference between outputting to a PC monitor or to a TV.

      Outputting from the iPad worked fine last year. So, unless they changed something it should work ok.

  • socon67

    I signed up and was able to buy Sunday Ticket Max with no issues. I noticed once I pulled down the app for the IPad that I get the message “You are not subscribed to this Sunday Ticket Event”. I’m wondering if that’s because the 2013 season hasn’t started yet. Has anyone been able to bring up the Sunday Ticket app? I’m wondering if what I’m seeing is normal or if I need to call that 1-800 number.

    • Chub nub

      Have the same problem.

  • Brian

    I got Sunday Ticket through Madden. It works great (I hook my laptop up to my TV through an HDMI cable). However, is there a way to go full screen while using gamemix? I don’t want my browser or taskbar to show. The F11 button on Chrome doesn’t work on the video. Only for a text-only website.

  • Jared Siden

    I signed up, paid, downloaded app. I logged in and I get a message saying that “you are currently not subscribed to this feature”

    Anybody else seeing that?

    • Mike Kuzel

      Same here… called the special # in the article above and was told it is normal to say that and a known issue. Rep said if for any reason I had issue on the 8th to call them but at the 800-670-7288 not regular CS #.

  • sportsgeekery

    Yes, you would need to switch games on the iPad. I suppose you’d need the proper length HDMI cable if you don’t want to get up to change the channel.

    • John Hampton

      For the 2013 season what has been a better viewing experience….the browser or iPad app? I trying to determine if I need to go the extra mile and buy the apple hdmi adapter to connect to my tv

  • LBinLA

    I went through the motions, signed up as a out of network subscriber and followed the instructions for downloading the necessary app to play games on my computer. Now I can’t find how to launch NFL Sunday Ticket Player. Additionally when I got the app for my IPhone it said I am not a subscriber for NFL Sunday Ticket even though I paid for it. Can anyone help a gal out so I can watch my games? Thanks in advance.

    • sportsgeekery

      Are you looking for the link to watch the games on your computer?

      • LBinLA

        I tired this website last night but when I sign in it takes me my account settings page and not the place to watch the games. I have no been able to see or get to the NFL Sunday Ticket Player option since this took my money. All I get is the webpage to sign up. Any other thoughts.

      • LBinLA

        Thank you! It started working finally. For anyone else having this issue, it worked by signing out of the main page and signing in on the link above. Now I am all set to mirror to my TV :-).

        • LaShwoo

          Thanks, it is working on my computer now although not on my apple mobile devices (iPad, iPhone). But at least I can watch on the computer!

    • LaShwoo

      I am having the exact same problem. Signed up as a non-network subscriber, got charged the $300, got an email receipt, but the iPad app says I am not authorized (which is problematic, as this promises mobile access) and also cannot see how to launch a player on my computer. Maybe they have a backlog? I’m currently on hold with the “special customer service number” and I’m about to stick a needle in my eye because they have a repeating loop commercial for Floyd Mayweather pay-per-view: 20 minutes and counting. SIGH.

    • LaShwoo

      Hey there, an additional update. I spoke with a nice lady at the customer service center and she told me I’d be able to sign in and see something one hour prior to gametime. So, crossing my fingers! I told her that it might help if the message indicated that and she laughed and agreed, as they’ve been getting deluged with calls apparently.

  • sportsgeekery

    Did you call the regular DirecTV customer service number? Because they will basically lie to you about the online version. You need to call the 800-670-7288 number if you have any questions.

    • Patrick Young

      Thanks you were totally right. Why would one group lie about that? Either that or bad training. More than 1 told me this. Also I think the website was caching some old login I had with my old account so it was blocking me from signing up. The support rep at the new number was able to help. Looks like it is up and running.

  • LaShwoo

    Thank you for the very helpful article. It seemed to work like a charm — they definitely have taken my money! — but on my mobile device I get an “unauthorized” message and there doesn’t seem to be any way to launch a Sunday Ticket Player or log into it from my computer either. I’ve been on hold with the “special customer service number” for a while. I am hoping that either (1) this will magically resolve itself at actual gametime (long shot); or (2) while it is irritating, they have a glitch or they are overwhelmed and this will resolve itself within a matter of days.

    I appreciated the prior posts from people showing they’ve got the same problem — it’s not just me — and I hope people will post updates if this ends up working for them!

  • LaShwoo

    Oh, darn. I signed up for the online only, and the phone rep on the special customer service line told me it would be active one hour before game time. Not working on my mobile devices or my computer. Very disappointing. Anyone else who signed up recently having better luck?

  • Cohiba

    WOW…I cannot log in to see the games today(9-8-13) through the Madden NFL Sunday Ticket.
    I did several test runs last week to make sure I knew what I was doing and all seemed fine.
    Today…nothing. Called at 12:00noon about the issue,and DirecTV said they’re working on it. Called at 5:46, still working on it with no ETA as to when it will be fixed.
    I went to the EA Sports website and they know about the problems and are working on it.
    Bet we’ll get any credit or money back from missing these games?
    Seems like in the 21st Century Amazon, EA Sports, DirecTV, and anyone else involved in this issue would had done a test run…here in Oklahoma, we call that COMMON SENSE.
    I know I can see the games online through DirecTV, I watched the Ravens and Bronchos game online…DirecTV had it showing fro free. I know it was on regular tv, I AGAIN, wanted to make sure all systems were running on my end. Now I wish the others would get the hint!!!

  • Dizzle56

    Bought the NFL Madden game just for the Ticket and it doesn’t appear to work on iPhone’s or iPads through the website? Tried both devices but it wouldn’t work since you needed Flash which obviously Apple does not support.
    What am I missing? Do I have to use an app for both devices or is there another way to go through the website? Thanks to anyone who can answer this.

    • sportsgeekery

      Yes, you need the NFL Sunday Ticket app to access on Tablets and mobile. You can find the links at the end of the post above.

  • Tristan

    Has anyone shared the link with friends? Can two people watch on the same account at the same time?

    • sportsgeekery

      Can’t do it. You can’t log in on more than one device at a time, even from the same IP address.

  • Jim

    Has anyone figured out how to record a game for later viewing on Sunday Ticket? I have an iPad with an HDMI connection to the TV… but haven’t figured out a way to record the game when I’m on travel during a game. Better yet if Sunday Ticket on the iPad offers a game-rewind feature during or immediately after a game.

    • sportsgeekery

      There is no game rewind feature for NFL Sunday Ticket.

  • Steve

    Have you had success in signing up this year? I’ve not had luck this year even though my place has no line of sight for a Directv dish. Contacted 800-670-7288 and they said that “no line of sight” cases are no longer eligible. Only the specific cases outlined in (those specific cities and colleges).

    • sportsgeekery

      When I put in my address it says I’m eligible. It’s not specifically a line of sight issue for me, but I can’t put a dish on my building due to condo regulations.

    • Michael Apostolakis

      Steve you are in the same boat as me. I sold my home where I had previous DTV service and moved to a duplex that could not get line of sight due to trees. My landlord said “no dishes in the front yard!” I even got a hold of the supervisor of the installation team in this area. He insisted that he could no better. So DTV and I mutually cancelled the contract. Last year I streamed it after buying madden 25 with that option. I called customer service this year. The person I spoke with obviously didn’t know the changes for 2014. They said that this option of streaming without DTV service was made for people like me. I went to the website that is when I discovered the bad news. I live in Missouri and it is not covered in the eligible areas. So I opted for Red Zone and NFL rewind. That is the best I will be able to do. Oh well save a little money I guess.

  • woodlawn77

    so now with all these city & college restrictions you have to put your address in to see if you qualify. I did not. however when I used a NYC address it said I was eligible. Then I selected the console package and put in my credit card number. I was denied because my credit card billing address wasn’t the same as the one i put in to become “eligible” and it wasn’t in a location that I could get it. So i called my credit card company and switched my billing address to a friends apartment in the city. Then I put in his address, I was eligible, put in credit card number again, and BOOM! all set… i got Sunday Ticket. Then after a few days when the card was on the card and no longer pending, I called the credit card company and had my address switched back to my home.

    Its stupid and annoying but it really is a quick work around if you want the NFL Sunday Ticket.

    I also suppose that if you just use a random address in one of the 3 cities and change your billing to that address it would work. Then just switch it back… no harm no foul.

    • sportsgeekery

      Wow, that’s a clever idea! Glad to hear it worked.

    • mrkaplan

      Do you live in NYC? I want to use my cousin’s apt address in Chicago. I live in Cali. I wonder if I get a problem logging on

  • Abby Oh

    Bad news bears. Rather than asking if you qualify for directv (with check boxes, as in years past), the system now searches your address and decides whether you qualify. We are in a rent house and the landlord has vetoed the directv installation, so we’re out of luck, but I can’t find a work around. I’d love help with this, and thanks for all the info that’s already here :)

    • Mike DeMuro

      If you have a friend that lives in an apartment use his or hers address. You pay upfront, all they’ll just get some junk mail from Direct TV

  • Jeff Zander

    I have been using the NFL Sunday Ticket on my laptop and iPad for years due to line of sight issues and today I’m told by Direct Customer Service that line of sight no longer qualifies unless I am in selected markets such as NY, SF, LA. Does that make sense to anyone? What other optiosn are there?

  • Matt

    This only makes me feel so good that I only paid 129.99 for Mlbtv premium with MLB at bat and could watch on any device I wanted. NFL sunday ticket is a rip off. 90% less games and double the price, seems legit.

  • Joel Anthony

    CHARTER Blocks this from happening in Clarksville, Tennessee. They screen and block any and all subscriptions to stream anything with their high speed internet. They force you to install at over 100.00 a mo. a TV subscription, even if you do not have a TV, just to watch a paid subscription to the NFL, MLB, NBA, ESPN or any online streaming network or channel. I paid, ESPN and other sites 30.00 plus a month to watch games on my high speed. Was blocked by Charter and told that was not allowed. A TV cable package must be paid for.

  • Don Flynn

    Is this HD?