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Listen to Dan Patrick Show on iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

Are you a big fan of the Dan Patrick Show? Or perhaps just a sports talk radio nut who just can’t get enough talk on the latest topics. If so, you can catch the Dan Patrick radio show anywhere with the Dan Patrick Show app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

The show initially airs every weekday from 9am-12pm ET. One of the cool features of the App is that you can listen to DP any time of day. When the initial program ends at noon ET, the show is then re-aired throughout the day until 3am.


Once you open the app, you can access the additional features by sliding the arrow over to expose the buttons.


Podcasts will give you access to past shows and clips…


Here you can find segments of the show, Best of DP, Interviews, and even the entire show in hour increments.


For those who want to multitask while listening to Dan, select the Background button and then choose to “Stream radio in Mobile Safari.”



This App is a winner, but not with out minor flaws. The ability to be able to listen to clips or even the entire broadcast “On Demand” is a great feature for any Dan Patrick fan. On the downside, you can’t Pause, or Jump Forward or back during those podcasts, which would really put this app over the top.

Download the Dan Patrick iTunes App or find it in the App Store.

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