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Mobile Fantasy Football Mock Drafts Offline with the Draft Guru App for iPhone

Looking for a way to do mock fantasy football drafts on your iPhone or iPod Touch without needing an Internet connection? You can do just that with the Draft Guru app from 

This past weekend I found myself wanting to enjoy the end of summer weather while still putting in a bit of time preparing for my upcoming fantasy draft. The perfect solution would be to find an app that allowed me to perform some mock drafts while roaming the outdoors without an Internet connection. Bingo – the Draft Guru app. I had recently becoming familiar with through their podcast, so I was anxious to try out their app.

How it Works

You don’t draft against “live” competition. The app has a mock draft engine with an AI that constantly shifts draft picks giving you a variety of scenarios.

Drafts can be between 8 and 14 teams and up to 20 rounds. The lineup options are somewhat limited. All teams include 1 QB, TE, Kicker, and  Defense/Special Teams. You then have the option of setting between 1-5 RBs and WRS. There is no option for flex so you’ll have to add an extra RB or WR and just sort of wing it from there.

You can set the timer for the other “computer ” teams separately than your own time which I found to be a nice feature. I set the other teams to 5 seconds and my picks to 90 seconds. The rounds flew by in between my picks and I had banged out a full draft almost before I realized it.


You can choose a default scoring system from ESPN, Yahoo, CBSSports, and a handful of others, or set your own scoring.


The main draft screen has a variety of controls. You can pause the draft, jump forward or back a pick, or jump directly to your next pick. Player lists can be sorted by ADP by position, all, or alphabetically. You can view your current team, the draft picks by rounds or the picks of any of the other teams. If you get stuck on a selection you can hit the “Guru’s Picks” button to get advice on a pick.

(BTW, Each of the other teams is given an amusing team name like the Blair White Project, Golden Tate Bridge, or Rice, Rice Baby. )


There is no way to queue up players, so you have to work you’re way through the player lists. Players are sortable by position, and drafted players are removed from the list, which makes it a bit easier.

At the end of the draft, you are prompted to choose whether or not you’d like to save the draft results. If you choose “Yes,” you’ll see an option for “Saved Drafts” on the start up screen.


Is the app perfect? No, but it’s a pretty solid effort. I’d really like to see a queue and a flex option for sure. With those additional features I’d definitely have no problem plunking down $5 again for this app.  The AI does decent job of mixing up the picks so you’re not just simply drafting against static rankings each time. However, It can throw out some rather unlikely scenarios. In one mock, LeSean McCoy fell to me with the 10th pick. I know every draft is different and anything is possible, but knowing my league, the odds of McCoy lasting to pick #10 is pretty much zero.

The app promises several updates per week and from what I can tell the rankings are very up to date. (Much more so than what I experienced with some other online mocks)

The app is not optimized for the iPad, only the iPhone / iPod Touch. You can still use it on the iPad, but the text will be a bit pixelated. I ran through a bunch of mocks on my iPad and didn’t really mind it.

Note: If you are a subscriber, you can download the free subscriber edition of the app here from iTunes. Otherwise, the standalone Draft Guru app will cost you $4.99.


Draft Guru by – John Hansen

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