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Review: Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide 2012 iPad App

Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide is the latest of the Draft Apps for iOS to hit the App Store? How does it stand up? Check out our review. 

The Rotoworld Fantasy Draft Guide is a universal app available for $4.99 in the App Store. Thus, you pay once, and get it for both iPad and iPhone or iPod Touch. (See links at the end of this post) This review focuses exclusively on the iPad version of the App.

What’s New

Rotoworld did add a few features that were missing last season. Now, you can track the draft picks for every team in the draft, not just your own, and you can set up multiple teams. Last year I heard from many fantasy footballers that were very interested in the ability to track draft picks for every team in your fantasy league. At the very least, it should please league commissioners.


Select the League button at the top left to set up the scoring system for your league. Sadly, Rotoworld is also a little lacking in this area. On quick glance, there doesn’t appear to be a way to score for points given up by the defense, or TDs scored by defense for that matter. No negative points for missed kicks. Rushing and receiving are locked in a 10 yard increments. Some people will certainly find the limited scoring customization to be a major issue.

You’ll also want to set up teams by selecting the icon along the top that looks like a small group of people (a team perhaps?). From there you click the plus sign and add as many teams as you need, or just one for yourself.

The Players List / Rankings are located along the left and can be filtered by position and by other categories like availability, favorites, drafted, injured, and more. A big negative again this year is the inability to customize the rankings to your liking.

Selecting the player name and choose the profile button to pull up the latest news and outlook, and well, profile stuff. Swiping to the left shows last year’s stats (Yes, only one year) plus 2012 projected stats, similar running backs, and position depth chart.

Other buttons in the Players list allow you to favorite players, news, and depth chart. (Depth Charts for each team are available by selecting the Graph icon along the top of the screen.)

Drafting Players

Selecting the Draft buttons pops up a list to select the team. If you only want to track your players, you only need to set one team up beforehand.

When the draft is over you can easily email all your picks by selecting the action button (box with arrow) from the User Teams area (not from the top panel of the app itself).


Simply put, the Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft guide is just OK. If you compare it to either the Rotowire Fantasy Football Draft Kit or NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet, it just isn’t in the same league. It’s added some nice features for 2012, but the layout actually seemed a little better last year. Unless you are a Rotoworld evangelist, look elsewhere for your Fantasy Football Draft App.


iPhone: Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide 2012 – NBC Universal, Inc.

iPad: Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide 2012 – NBC Universal, Inc.

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