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How to Listen To the Tony Kornheiser Show on Android for Free without Buying the ESPN Radio App

Are you a Tony Kornheiser fan? Do you start fill your late mornings listening to Tony on ESPN Radio from 10-12pm EST? Or, maybe you are a PTI fan who has never listen to his radio show before. If you want to listen to Tony Kornheiser on the go, you could purchase the ESPN Radio iPhone app for $2.99, but if you want to save a little bit of cash, here are a couple ways to listen to Tony Kornheiser on your Android phone for free.


TuneIn is an excellent free app for sports talk radio fans. It’s not strictly for sports, it’s really an app that pulls all types of radio station streams from round the nation, but it pulls plenty of great sports stations.

To Find the Tony Kornheiser Show, open TuneIn, select Sports, and then select Sports Talk.

Tony Kornheiser Tony Kornheiser

Scroll down through the stations to find ESPN 980 broadcasting The Tony Korneiser Show, or scroll down further you’ll see The Tony Kornheiser Show listed under “Shows.”

Tony Kornheiser Tony Kornheiser

Once you select the station, the show will begin playing in a few moments. Note: The show may not show up before 10am EST, so if you tune in a few minutes early, you may need to refresh to see the show appear in the listings.


Download TuneIn from the Android Market or install by scanning the QR Code below. Note: There is also a pay TuneIn App that is Ad free.


The Tony Kornheiser Show airs every weekday from 10am-12pm EST on ESPN 980 AM in Washington DC. You can also listen to Tony online at

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