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Watch NBA Summer League Games Online, iPhone, or iPad

The NBA Summer League is the league’s annual exhibition season that gives fans an early opportunity to size up new rookies. Want to check it out? You can do so on your iPhone, iPad, or on your computer browser for the all-in-one price of $14.99.

The NBA summer league is a two week schedule that begins on July 9th and runs through July 22nd. This years schedule will feature about 80 games taking place in Orlando and Las Vegas.

If you are looking for established NBA stars, well, you won’t find them here. The NBA Summer league rosters are typically filled with rookies and younger NBA reserves looking to improve and earn more playing time. It is a great opportunity, however,  to watch the future crop of NBA stars.

Games times are varied and take place all throughout the day, including the morning. Typically, this would be your only chance to see any NBA action until the season cranks back up again in the fall, but this year we will have the big boys tipping it up in London for the Olympics later this month.

To sign up and start watch check out the Summer League Broadband page on After you sign up, you can watch on your iOS device by signing in and linking your account. You can also subscribe via in-app upgrade.


The NBA Summer League app is free to download and includes scores, schedules, standings, and videos. Watching live games does require the $14.99 subscription.


iPhone: NBA Summer League – NBA Digital

iPad: NBA Summer League – NBA Digital

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