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NBA Game Time App Review for iPhone, iPad and Android: Pretty Worthless without Paid Upgrades

Have you been anxiously waiting for the NBA season to begin since the last seconds ticked off the clock in the NBA Finals? NBA is finally back and today we’re taking a closer look at the NBA Game Time app for 2010-2011.

The NBA Game Time app is an official NBA app for Android, iPad, and iPhone. It’s free to download, but unfortunately, free doesn’t get you much with this app.


Basically, you just scores and standings for free. Which is something you can get with any of the many sports scores applications, like ESPN’s ScoreCenter app.


The real use for NBA Game Time is a central location for accessing the NBA Game Time Plus and NBA League Pass Mobile. Game Time Pus, which comes with a $9.99 upgrade fee, will get you live game audio and video recaps. The NBA League Pass Mobile is currently available for $44.95 and gives you live streaming games video for every NBA game (with blackout restrictions).

Note: as we’ve mentioned in our review of NBA League Pass, the Blackout restrictions are significant. Both locally televised and Nationally televised games are blacked out. So, if you live in or around New York City and want to watch the Knicks or Nets, you’re out of luck.



Frankly, the NBA Game Time App is pretty worthless on its own. It’s really only useful if you are planning on investing in one of the upgrade packages, such as the Game Time Plus, or the NBA League Pass mobile.

You can download the NBA Game Time App here at the ITunes store, or in the Android Market.

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