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NFL May Use iPads to Help Diagnose Concussions During Games

There’s an app to diagnose concussions? Apparently, so. In Peter King’s latest edition Monday Morning Quarterback on, NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell mentions that the league could begin using iPads and/or other tablet domputers to diagnose concussions on the sideline during NFL games.

Goodell tells King:

“There are some new technologies that make this very soon in the future where on a tablet, you can actually take a test on the sideline to determine (the concussion).”

Goodell doesn’t mention the name of an app, or go any deeper into the technology behind it, but he does say that the NFL could put this technology to use in games perhaps as early as 2012.

For the system to work, Goodell says, it’ll require the players or staff to have reason to believe the player may have a concussion.

We have spotters, as you know, our ATC [athletic trainers] spotters program, which we implemented late in the season to sort of identify hits that would require an evaluation. That will be expanded and fully in place this season. There’s an ATC, which is an athletic trainer who’s not active right now, but they’ll be upstairs. They will have access to all the video and if they see a hit that involves a significant blow to the head or if a player demonstrates any kind of dizziness or potential slowness to get up, they call down to the sideline and make sure the medical professional has that number and they can go make an evaluation.

The video below goes into a bit more detail about a system developed by the Cleveland Clinic for diagnosing concussions with the iPad for High School football players.

Concussion Apps

If you are parent or athlete looking for more information, there are a few apps in the App Store that are designed to help with the diagnosis of concussions.

iPhone: Concussion Recognition & Response: Coach & Pare… – PAR, Inc – designed for parents and coaches

iPhone: Concussion Assessment & Response: Sport Version – PAR, Inc – For Medical professionals

iPad: Concussion Recognition & Response: Coach & Pare… – PAR, Inc – designed for parents and coaches

iPad: Concussion Assessment & Response: Sport Version – PAR, Inc – for medical professionals.

There are a handful of other apps in the App Store if you’d like to check them out in more depth.

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