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Sprint Releases NBA Mobile App: Watch ESPN Games Live

Are you a Sprint Mobile customer with an Everything Data Plan? If so, get ready for Sprint NBA Mobile with live ESPN games on your Android phone.

Sprint recently announced they are the Official Wireless Partner of the NBA, and have released there exclusive Sprint NBA Mobile App. The app is free, but requires an Android phone and an Everything Data Plan. And, of course, you’ve got to be a Sprint subscriber.


Sprint NBA Mobile features:
  • Live NBA games on Sprint TV’s ESPN Channel
  • Live home & away radio broadcasts
  • In-game & post-game video highlights
  • Real-time scores, stats,play by play, and alerts
  • Breaking news
  • Schedules, previews and recaps
  • Player and team stats and standings

So, in a nutshell, you only get ESPN games live, but you’ll be able to listen to every game on radio with the Sprint NBA Mobile app.

I honestly don’t think I know anyone with Sprint, so if you are a Sprint subscriber and have used this app, we’d love to get your feedback.


Download Sprint NBA Mobile from Google Play

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