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NFL 12 App Updated with 2012 Schedules

The NFL 12 app (not to be confused with the much superior Verizon-only NFL mobile app) got an update this week as they transition from their draft mode with 2012 games schedules.

Unfortunately, you won’t find team schedules on the iPad version, just weekly schedules that include dates and currently scheduled game times. The iPhone version does give you team schedules on the team pages.


NFL 12 is generally a pretty benign app that offers relatively little in the way of content. The iPad version has news and videos, while you’ll have access to podcasts on the iPhone version. I tend to think of it as merely a way for the NFL to say they have an app available on all platforms, while saving all the good premium stuff for Verizon. But if you don’t have Verizon, it’s your only official mobile conduit to the NFL. At least it’s free and visually appealing.


iPhone: Download NFL ’12 from the App Store.

iPad: Download NFL ’12 for iPad

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