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Batter’s Box iPhone & iPad App: Nice Free Alternative to MLB at Bat

So, you’re a baseball fan with an iPad or iPhone and want to enjoy the Gameday style features, stats, and highlights of MLB At Bat app without shelling out the15 bucks? You’ll want to check out the Batter’s Box app.

It doesn’t do all the things that the full MLB At Bat app will do, such as live audio and the news feed, but it’s does deliver a visual representation of pitch-by-pitch and play-by-play with an animated baseball field background that is very similar to MLB At Bat’s Gameday feature.

The stadium design is a generic one as opposed to the customized parks in MLB At Bat, but it’s still pretty visually appealing. The background even accurately depicts the current weather and time of day. For example, when it’s raining, you actually see rain drops animated in the background.

Also displayed are photos of the current pitcher and batter along with a box score and a variety of other stats. Switching games is as easy as tapping the scoreboard on the right.


There are four small icons along the bottom of the screen that bring up or hide addition on screen features. You can display pitching stats, batting stats, play-by-play, and even in-game video highlights. All these features are almost identical to MLB At Bat. (Frankly, a lot of these features appear to be pulled directly from


The video highlights are of the same high quality you get with MLB At Bat 12.



Batter’s Box isn’t a bad alternative if you aren’t interested in committing to MLB At Bat and it’s premium price tag. In addition to the features we mentioned, you can also pull up the standing via the panel on the left, set in-app score alerts, adjust the refresh interval, and set up to 3 favorite teams. Batter’s Box is available in both iPhone and iPad optimized versions. Free.


iPhone: Download Batter’s Box rom the App Store.

iPad: Download Batter’s Box for iPad

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