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Universal Sports iPad App: Video Highlights and Clips from World of Olympic Sports

As we move closer to  the London Olympics later this Summer, we’re turning our attention to mobile apps to help you get ready for the 2012 Games. One app you should definitely check out if you have an iPad is the Universal Sports app.

If you aren’t familiar with the Universal Sports Network, it’s part of the NBC family of networks. It delivers content from the world of Olympic-related sports like swimming, track and field, gymnastics, volleyball, skiing, figure skating and rugby.

The Universal Sports iPad app is the mobile arm of the Universal Sports Network and it has but one feature. Video. (Hey, if you are going to have just one feature, video is the one to have. ) It delivers high quality sortable video highlights from the world of Olympic sports.


Each video appears in a pop up window and can be converted to full screen with a simple tap. The clips include highlights and events to news and analysis.



If you are looking for video highlights and features of the world’s top athletes striving to become Olympic medalists, this is an app you want to grab. Plus, it’s free. There is actually a Universal Sports iPhone app, but it’s so spectacularly horrific it’s really not worth mentioning. I have no idea how it even made it to the App Store. Check it out only if you want a good laugh.


Download Universal Sports for iPad for free from the App Store.

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