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Flick Football Field Goal Game for iPad & iPhone

Want to fire up your iOS device and boot a few field goals when you’ve got a few minutes of down time? Check out Flick Kick Field Goal for iPhone and iPad.

This is another in the line of sports games that utilize the finger flick to play. The goal is simple enough. Flick the football through the goal posts while adjusting for distance and wind. Merely putting the ball through the uprights isn’t enough, however, you’ll get bonus points for accuracy. It’s similar in design to the NFL Flick Kicker game.

The graphics are outstanding. The developers (PikPok) claim a “Realistic Football Stadium” and they aren’t kidding. Even the skyline behind the stadium looks cool. There are a variety of game modes and you can also play online multiplayer.

flick-football-1 flick-football-2

There is a free version called Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff that includes ads and lacks some of the feature of the full paid version. Normally, ads in apps don’t bother me. I get that the app developer wants to actually be able to make a living and feed his/her family, but the ads in this game are really intrusive. I kept inadvertently tapping the ad at the top of the screen which took me from the game to a full page ad. Plus, the games in the free version have a “half time” where the game pauses to allow a video ad to play. You’ll need to watch a few seconds before you can skip or close the ad.


Flick Kick is a well developed game that’s actually fun and addictive. It’s well worth the 0.99 price tag. If you want to try for free, check out Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff first. It will suck you in for free and the ads are most certainly intrusive enough to get you to plunk down 0.99 to get rid of them.


Free Version: Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff – PikPok

Full Version: Flick Kick Field Goal – PikPok

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