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MLB At Bat 12 App iOS Update: Adds Team Calendar Feature

MLB At Bat 12 released an update late last week (actually two of them since the initial update resulting in user login errors)  and among the notable additions is a really nice interactive team calendar.

This new calendar gives you easy access to the scheduled starting pictures for each day (assuming they’ve been announced) links to buy tickets or watch via and any game day promotions. Additionally, you can add the teams schedule (or schedules) to your calendar in iOS.

(Note: On the iPad, the calendar is available from the dropdown at the top left. On the iPhone/iPod Touch, it’s found on the team screen under schedule and results.)


You may have noticed we mentioned a little problem with the MLB At Bat 12 update last week. Version 5.2 caused Premium subscribers to have trouble logging in. MLB did push out a fix on June 1st. (Version 5.2.1) If you have problems still, be sure to choose the Subscriber Login” button when you see this screen below after the update if you are a Premium Subscriber. The message indicates you should select “Restore,” but that won’t work. You need to resync the app with your account.


Download Links

iPhone: At Bat –

iPad: At Bat –

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