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The Players Choice Mobile App from the MLBPA: Article, Tweets, and Videos from MLB Players

Can’t get enough news and notes on your favorite MLB Players? You may want to check out The Players Choice by MLBPA app. It’s the official mobile app of the MLB Players association and is available for iPhone, Android, and now the iPad.

The News and Player Profiles sections features articles focuses on MLB Players. The articles are generally pretty interesting and focus on human interest stories and a lot of off-field type topics.

(Images are from the iPad app)


The Tweet section displays player tweets in a visually appealing way. One issues, however, is that the players names aren’t displayed with the Tweets. So, unless the players name in part of his Twitter handle, it can be difficult to know who is posting the message.


The video section pulls content from the YouTube Channel of MLB Players Trust. Videos are mainly player profiles and information about charity work. Unfortunately, he video section is rather clunky and difficult to navigate.


The Players Choice by MLBPA app is worth checking out if you just can’t seem to get enough MLB content, but it’s certainly not making our essential MLB app list.


iPhone: Download The Players Choice by MLBPA from the App Store

iPad: Download The Players Choice by MLBPA for the iPad

Android: Download The Players Choice by MLBPA App from Google Play

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