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Follow the US Olympic Team with the 2012 Team USA Road to London App

The 2012 Summer Olympics will get underway in London later this summer. With the 2012 Team USA Road to London App, fans can follow the athletes and teams on their way to the Summer Games.

The 2012 Team USA Road to London App is a US Olympic Committee release and will follow the making of Team USA and their experience during the London games.

The home screen displays “Today’s Feature” which profiles a new event each day with graphical links to the team page within the app, some tweets from athletes, photos, and more. You can look back at previous days features by tapping the link at the lower left.

(Note: Images below are from the iPad version)


Team pages display info on the team as well as any of the current qualifiers.


Each athlete has their own individual page with statistics, bio, links to articles, and past accomplishments.


The app includes an event schedule so you can see when your favorite event is holding it’s qualifying trials. Most of the high profile Summer Olympics events like Track & Field, Swimming, and Gymnastics are being held at the end of June.



I really like this app in concept. It’s visually appealing and has a really nice user interface. It’s a great way to follow the formation of Team USA and track each event and their members as they qualify. The pages do load rather slowly and there were at times very noticeable lag when swiping to move to the next screen in the “News” section.

Social media platforms Twitter and Facebook are heavily integrated. Each athletes page mentions any social media platforms they are on, but there are no links to the profiles so that you can easily follow them. Actually, it appears that links are supposed to be there, but aren’t working. Hopefully this feature gets fixed in an update. You can however, retweet a message from the athletes.

If you are interested in donating to Team USA you can “Buy a stitch” for the American flag. There is also a link to the Team USA store to buy official Team USA gear. Note: The app also tracks the U.S. Paralympic team.

Cost: Free


iPhone: 2012 Team USA Road To London from the App Store

iPad: 2012 Team USA Road To London for iPad

Android: Download 2012 Team USA Road to London from Google Play

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