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Nike Golf’s NG360 App: Golf Instruction, Stat Tracking, & Fitness for iPhone

Last week, Nike Golf released their new NG360 mobile app that combines golf instruction, golf fitness, and statistical tracking with a social component. It’s free from the App Store and if you are a golfer with an iPhone, it’s worth your while to check it out.

As we mentioned, this app combines a variety of features together in one app in an attempt to be a complete golfer’s solution.

The NG360 app allows you to not only keep score during your round but track more advanced statistics for your game. After logging in and accepting the location tracking, regional course will be downloaded automatically. During your round you are able to use the simple user interface to add fairway and putting stats to your score.

After you’ve played at least one round, you’ll get a graphic displayed on the home screen that presents some of your stats. A circle chart shows your amount of pars, bogeys, etc. in relation to other scores. You can also track driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and putts. (Assuming you enter this data in your scorecard)

ng-360-2  ng-360-1

Scorecards can be shared and/or saved and retrieved at a later time for review.


Another key component of the app is the built-in ability to capture video of your golf swing and upload to the NG360 companion website to share with others and even get an evaluation from a pro if you so choose. You need to line up your stance and the ball with the on-screen markers, so you’ll probably need a friend to hold the iPhone for you rather than using some sort of tripod at the range or in your backyard. You can review also the swings of some pros, but currently there are only 6 pro swings available.


The Golf fitness part of the app includes a library of videos that show a variety of exercises and workouts specifically designed for golfers.



The app seems like a pretty solid effort and it’s certainly work checking out. I’m not a big fan of the requirement that you need to register to use the app. I’d prefer to be able to at least try it out and see how it works before committing to registration and making certain content public. I really dig the interface that displays your statistical overview and when Nike does release their Android version, I’ll certainly be taking the NG360 app with me for my next round.

Want to see a bit more of the NG360 app? Check out Nike’s video below.

 Nike’s NG 360 website


Download Nike Golf 360° from the App Store.

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