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Hilarious CBS Sports PGA Golf Commercials with Jim Nance, David Feherty, Nick Faldo, Gary McCord and More

Recently, CBS Sports began running an ad campaign called the “Voice of Golf” featuring it’s collection of PGA golf commentators. The very colorful David Feherty and Gary McCord are joined by the Jim Nance, former champion golfers Nick Faldo and Ian Baker Finch, and renowned golf instructor Peter Kostis. We’ve pulled together the full collection of these funny and entertaining spots. 


The gang confesses their “sins” to a Priest.


Dressing up as a golf club head cover would just be undifginified.


GPS Navigation

Gary McCord, Ian Baker-Finch, and Peter Kotis can’t seem to get away from David Feherty.

Jim Nance’s Greatest Hits

Jim Nance’s new record is released with a not-so-limited production run.


The gallery applauds as Nick Faldo fills up the cup… with coffee.

The Lineup

Gary McCord is accused of taking during a woman’s backswing.

The Lineup – Version 2

An alternate version of the Gary McCord in the police lineup.

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