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Golf Channel App for iPad, iPhone, and Android

Are you in need of a mobile app to fill you in on the latest news from the world of Professional golf along with some golf tips, lessons, and scores? Check out the new look Golf Channel app for iPad, iPhone, and Android. And, like the Golf Channel itself, the app covers PGA, LPGA, European, and Champions Tours.

GolfTalkCentral was formerly part of the NBC Sports Talk app, but has been removed from that app and reborn as part of this Golf Channel app. The layout is similar to that of the NBC Sports Talk app with articles presented in left to right format. Newest updates are located on the left and by continuously scrolling right to left, you can pull up older posts.

In addition to the Golf Talk Central Blog, there’s a Opinion & Analysis section, News and Originals video, Instructional videos, Photo Galleries, TV Blogs, Fantasy Central (for fantasy golf insight), and Equipment Insider. Now that’s a lot of golf content.

(Images are from iPad version of the app)


The Equipment Insider covers new product releases, news about player club changes and a “What’s in the bag” feature that details exactly what clubs the tour pros are using. (Ed note: I’m not sure why, but I’m fascinated by what clubs the players use… I have no intention of buying them, I just like to know.)


So, what about scores? Yeah, it’s got that too. Hit “Scores” at the top and choose the tour event you wish to see. Tap the star along the left side to “Favorite” players and display their scores at the top.




The Golf Channel App is a big and wonderful upgrade over the previous iterations of the app. We did experience some issues with video on the Android version of the app. There was frequently stuttering and the playback often stopped halfway through the video. This happened both over Wifi and 3G. On the other end of the spectrum, the iPad version is fantastic. The video looks great and the slide out feature Golf Channel app works wonderfully as a companion to the also excellent PGA Tour app and should be in the bag up by every pro golf fan.


iPad: Download Golf Channel for iPad from the App Store.

iPhone: Golf Channel for iPhone

Android: Golf Channel Mobile for Android from Google Play

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