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Topps Pennant App: A Play-by-Play History of Major League Baseball

My initial thought was “what are the baseball cards guys doing with an iPhone/iPad app?” As it turns out, the Topps Pennant app really has nothing to do with baseball cards, but everything to do with stats, box scores, and the history of baseball as far back as 1952. 

You begin by scrolling for your favorite team either in list view or as a series of cards in a coverflow style. Select a year to pull up stats such as season batting average, home runs, pitcher’s strikeouts, etc.

You drill your way down all the way to each individual play. When looking at individual games, each game is displayed much like the dial on a clock. You wheel around through each inning to drill down to the individual plays.

By hitting the play button you can essentially watch the play-by-play throughout the game.

The true geeks of baseball stats and history will love this app. The interface is fantastic and it’s intuitive and easy to use. Games are added daily so you can even go back to a game last night and last week and see the stats and play-by-play. This one is getting added to our post of essential baseball apps for 2012.

For a little better idea of what this app is all about, check out this video below from Topps:

The app currently runs $1.99 in the app store for iPhone and iPad.


iPhone: Topps Pennant – The Topps Company, Inc.

iPad: Topps Pennant – The Topps Company, Inc.

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