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Following Sports with Mobile Apps, Computers, & Gadgets Price Reduced to $49.99

As they have in previous years, has been dropping it’s price in-season for both regular and premium subscriptions. As of August 1st, the Premium subscription drops to $49.99, while the regular subscription is down $39.99. 

(UPDATED: August 2, 2012) continues to reduce the price of it’s digital packages at the beginning of each month. The price drop makes perfect sense since you’re no longer getting a full season when you sign up.  So, if you’re a fan who really doesn’t get into baseball until the stretch run, you might even want to hold off for even another month and save a few more bucks.

I’ve went with the Premium subscription this season and have found it to be a great deal. Premium gives you full access to live out of market games, plus free access to MLB At Bat 12 on all mobile devices and access on a variety of TV connected devices. Keep in mind the blackout restrictions can be pretty ridiculous, so be sure you understand them before ordering. For more details, hit up our full review of for 2012. 

It’s refreshing to see the league cut fans a bit of a break on the price of anything, even if it is just a few bucks.

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